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Thorsten Stremlau

Thorsten Stremlau

Co-chair of TCG’s Marketing Work Group


Thorsten Stremlau is a Senior Engineering Staff Member and CTO within Lenovo’s Intelligent Devices Group PC & Smart Devices business.  He is responsible for technical strategies for devices, software and cloud services globally.  In this role, Thorsten identifies and drives integration of current and future technologies, integrating them into the product development processes, and specifically drives innovation into the security capabilities of Lenovo’s commercial portfolio.

Thorsten has been part of TCG (Trusted Computing Group) from its inception and has helped drive acceptance of the TPM products for security in EMEA and many parts of AP.

Thorsten’s career has been dedicated to identifying solutions and strategic implementations for Lenovo’s customers in all aspects of IT.  As an engineer in both IBM and Lenovo for nearly 25 years, his broad experience enabled him to assist thousands of our customers to digitally transform their environments using Lenovo technology.

Thorsten holds a Bachelor in Industrial Manufacturing/Finance and Electrical Engineering.  Thorsten lives in Morrisville, North Carolina with his family.

Thorsten Stremlau Sessions