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The intersection of AI & Industrial Controls Systems Cybersecurity Best Practices

1:00 PM - 1:55 PM (EDT)


This panel will focus on the following:

  • People often associate AI in cybersecurity with network anomaly detection tools. Are there other use cases for AI and machine learning in OT cyber security? Isn’t AI expensive? How do I justify the cost of an AI solution?
  • What are the guidelines for determining what might be good applications for AI or machine learning in OT settings?
  • What is the role of segmentation in security ICS and how can it be enhanced?
  • How will cloud adoption impact the future of security for industrial control systems environments?
  • How do we build dynamic security maturity throughout ICS industries rather than one-time purchases, audits, or box-checking?  
  • How can organizations begin to determine what should and should not be automated?
  • How is your core business developing secure connectivity into your products and solutions to drive additional value to your customers? 
  • What assurances do you have that your devices will be secure in the field?
  • How is the regulatory landscape changing and what security standards must you follow to continue to sell IoT solutions and grow your business?
  • And how can you ensure that you product roadmap includes IoT cybersecurity as a differentiator?

Download Keyfactor data sheet "Design and Build Secure IoT Devices at Scale".